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In 年10 students will continue work on the GCSE AQA Religious Studies A syllabus. They will cover three units over the academic year: ‘Islam: Practices’, ‘The existence of God and revelation’ and ‘Relationships and families’. The unit ‘Islam: Practices’ will be on the ‘Religions: Beliefs, 教学与实践论文, 同时, the ‘The existence of God and revelation’ and ‘Relationships and families’ topics will feature on ‘Thematic Studies’ paper.

在他们的著作《bet36体育官网》中, pupils explore common and divergent practices within Islam such as the ‘five pillars of Islam’. They consider questions such as the importance of these practices to Muslims and varying practices between Sunni and Shi’a Muslims.

在"上帝的存在和启示"中, we explore philosophical arguments for and against God’s existence, as well as the nature of the divine and revelation. This will be studied with reference to Christianity and non-religious beliefs such as atheism and humanism.

最后, the unit on ‘Relationships and families’ addresses Christian and Islamic teachings about sex, 婚姻, 家庭与性别平等.  Pupils will debate questions such as ‘is 婚姻 an outdated concept?有时离婚是必要的?’

In 年11 students will continue studying towards the GCSE qualification and complete the final three topics: ‘Christian Practices’, 《bet36体育官网》和《bet36体育官网》, 人权和社会正义.

在他们关于"基督教实践"的著作中, pupils explore the meaning and importance of a range of practices. In ‘Religion and Life’, we explore issues ranging from abortion to animal rights. 最后, “宗教”单元, 人权和社会正义, students will consider issues including equality and prejudice.


In addition to marked homework, pupils will have an end of unit assessment for each topic. This will take place during lesson time and will be completed under timed conditions. They will have 25 minutes to complete the assessment, which reflects the amount of time that they will have to answer on each section in the final exam. They will also have an internal exam during the summer term of 年10, where they will answer on two of the units for GCSE studied so far. There are no controlled assessments for this course. The assessments that take place during 年10 do not count towards their final grade; they are for internal assessment purposes only.

In 年11 students  complete a 2 hour mock examination in the Autumn term. There is no coursework component to this course so the final grade is awarded on the outcome of 2 x two hour examinations.

What will the current performance grade be based on, and what do the grades mean?

The current performance grade is based on all of the assessments and homework that they have completed to date. The grade provided reflects the GCSE grade that your daughter is currently working at.

What should my daughter do if she feels she is struggling in the subject?

In the first instance, she should speak to her subject teacher. She should try to identify specific areas of the subject which she is finding a challenge so that we can offer targeted support. We can then offer targeted support which may take the form of a mentor or lunchtime or after school support sessions.


The best way to support students is to talk to them about their studies, what they are particularly enjoying and whether they would like further help. Do try to engage them in discussion by asking them their views on topical issues and whether they would agree or disagree with the views of others. Discussing any ethical issues (for example sexual discrimination) or philosophical issues (such as “how could a loving God allow suffering?)将是有益的. 报纸, television and radio are a great source of topical issues and there are often documentaries covering ethical or religious issues which are very accessible. The website RE:Quest is a great starting point for homework research and revision. BBC Bitesize也是一个有用的资源.

What kind of independent work should my daughter be completing?

Students are given regular independent homework to complete and this should be recorded in your daughter's planner. When students’ homework and assessments are marked, they receive a number of targets and corrections and students should be proactive in working on these. Students should also keep abreast of contemporary issues in the news and discuss these topics with their friends and family outside of lessons. Please do look at our 学习飞行 document for further suggestions.

Who can I contact for further advice and information?

Please feel free to contact the Head of RPE, Ms Harvey, on lharvey@luntanno1.net 尽可能多的详细信息.

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